Rising Up Against Iniquity!

It is time for me to move forward.

I am a citizen native born to this country.

My rights are of the foremost importance.

Why has the Judicial System ignore them.

It’s a long story called female victimization.

Social Injustice is postulated.

The truth is my life has been negated for reason of this violation.

Many times I filed affidavits, declarations, complained first; however, Summary Judgment or Disposition was the Courts verdicts.

Let me apply March Madness like College Sports in their hype.

Neither negative nor out-of-sight, I am just defending my Constitutional Rights of due process of law, equal protection of the law, and a fair trial.

You all know…

This must be eradicated now!

Social injustice is not this nation’s way of life.

Our country tills to thee, Great land of Liberty, Let freedom win!

A fight for social justice is a fight against social injustice.

Stated… Moving forward!

Rising Up Against Iniquity!



This country tills to the – Great land of victory – Let freedom ring!
The stance of the black man in this country supposed to be derived from
Negro suffering.
You know the brothers walked to achieve great things for the colored.
However, today it is to be discovered that the brothers are working
undercover to keep black people in poorness and the colored was really
no part of the Civil Rights Movement.
Negro poorness, it seems, is forever to be seen as colored keeping the
NAACP is still in existence because it represents the falsification of
what was gained in a movement that involved non-violence.
War should have transpired and because it did not, the black man has
become [more] mollified and participates against his people, carrying
out the white man crimes.
Standing for better living is not evident to Blackness in America.
White Americans tend to systematically hinder those that are colored via
a family lens.

Meaning, if your family is not for you, you will never succeed in a profile
country of iniquity.
Your identity is smothered and your attainment becomes never.
you are no one in a country that states opportunity will come.
Nonetheless, you have your belief in God.
You have stood now for your rights and everything in your material
world has been sacrificed.
Nevertheless, a greater accomplishment will come.
This is because you believed in God.


Hun Slaves, why y’all ran away?

For freedom & wealth…

To establish yourselves…

Weren’t your intentions good.

Tired of being the white man’s damn fool.

Today you are images.

A stance of greatness structured to overcome…

You have moved forward…

A heritage..

A way of life…

Black America…

Forever & ever!