The Social Theology Article of Faith (Creed) – Founder Ms. Verlena S. Walker

The Social Theology Article of Faith

Social Theologist and Founder Ms. Verlena S. Walker is sending a message of prayer and worship for all to covenant via the therapeutic form of creative writers for the longevity of humanity through a greater determination and the norms of the omnipotent whom is God.

Our Faith is Social Theology.  Our Temple is DomKirk. Moreover, our belief is to covenant via the therapy of creative writers for prayer and worshipping of the omnipotent God who has given us life determined to greatness.

Our Creed states that

We believe in one unity of the body as a theological vessel of the Modern Day Bible that is prophetic through our destiny and not spoken of by the written word until the truth has been shown and heard.

We believe in one unity of the body as a vessel of the omnipotent God for holistic purposes to deliver righteousness to those who have been falsified through others’ wrongness.

We believe in one unity of the body as a passage [way] of the omnipotent God to deliver righteousness to those who desire to be saved.

There are seven [7] sacraments to this Article of Faith.

  1. Grace and Honor: Unto the omnipotent God, I give grace and honor.
  2. Prayer of Deliverance: Unto the omnipotent God, I pray for deliverance.
  3. Spiritual Worship: Unto the omnipotent God, I worship with mind, body, and soul.
  4. Faithfulness: Unto the omnipotent God, I bequeath faithfulness in following “The” and adhering to his Holy Word.
  5. Wholeness: Unto the omnipotent God, I offer the wholeness of one unity of the body through holistic means.
  6. Togetherness: With the omnipotent God, I am one.
  7. Fulfillment in Belief: For all is in my belief that the omnipotent God is the creator of humanity in which in [my] purgatory I am ready for Heaven.

Penned April 29, 2014!

~Hallelujah Amen!~



To get it off my chest, I write about this and that.
To get it off my chest, I write about that and this.
To get it off my chest!

To escape mania
To destroy the voice
To defend my rightful mindedness from evil discourse,
I write about the lunacy of the Courts.

To get it off my chest, I write about what the world did.
They killed my people my people spirit of happiness.
I write about the mania I normally live within.

To get it off my chest, I scribe proverbially and have a psalmist thumb.
I tell the public about the wickedness to come.
To get it off my chest, I am bard to tell exactly the way it is.
To get it off my chest
To live!



For three years our relationship flourishes
rich in happiness and love.
One child born another on the way
a woman with her soul mate.

On a beautiful day in September,
he came from work with a chip on his shoulder.
Voices rose and he called her a w*o*e.
Where did this come from?

The verbal abuse became his endless dementia.
He was afraid to hit her.
He was profane; therefore, she became defensive.
This particular occurrence she won.

He calls her an unfit mom.
She told him he was that not her.
He did for his sister’s children more than he did for his own.
As life prevails, he did things that were not real.

This is your family as well.
A long story poem short…
He is now dead [!].



It is time to wake up and be truthful to ourselves.
We are just a dream lacking butterfly wings.

It times to strive for more.
The floor has no ceiling.

Our dynasty will form.
Our destiny is ours.

The monarch must rule.
We are the colors that soar.

We are North America.
We are the people that were discovered.

This is our time to thrive.
We have survive through atrocities.

We reside in our given places.
We are the faces of tribes.

Those that hate us are not within this world.
We are of a greater determination and of God.

The spirits of our people are our sacred grounds.
To thread across, is uncouth and unsound.

We will stand up for our rights.
We will fight for our way of life.

We are the voices of Chiefs.
We are the Tribes.



Bombs explode.
Conflicts in night
CNN reports of terror.
Lives being scrutinized
A blood bath
The colors are everywhere.
Scores of eyes look around scared.
The code is RED.

In desperation, stands a child.
His arm is bleeding.
He is begging for his life.
A blood bath lay before him.
His eyes are scared.
He hiccups and he was left there.

His colors of life are psychedelic.
He sees the Code.
He freaks out.
He rolls around intoxicated.
He forgets for a moment himself.

A single mother abandons her child’s soul
when she was only four years old.
She gave the code as family love.
Her daughter is now threaten
by her sisters and brothers.

The colors of life are a girl’s trauma.
Her mother’s choice is her siblings.
Her obligation was to caregiving.
The colors of life are a single mother’s responsibility.
The code is FAMILY.

A little girl hallucinates.
Her father and mother ran away.
They shouted to her, “Hide any place.
Your life with us is no longer safe.”
She seeks a hole under a shed.
The terrorist left her there.

The colors of life are a child’s demon.
In darkness, you can hear them scream.
Their parents give the Code.
Once given, a child world becomes cold.

Infants are shot.
She died.
Her twin did not.
The terrorist left uninformed.
The clock ticked another baby’s life – gone.

The colors of life are a child’s mourn.
They lives are forsaken by those grown.
In time of trouble, they must take care of home.
The colors of life are obligatory.
The code is BLOOD!



Tired from the lack of work ——–Trivial
Lazy, I am not.——————-Search
Thinking about Non-Profit———Self-Employment
Freelance Writing, Tutoring, Virtual Administrator, etc…———Thumbtack
You can’t keep a real woman down.——————Steadfast
Many aspirations I have.———————————-Praying

Gotta get up early in the morning.—————————–Mobile
To define my purpose—————————————-Harmonizing
To many negative thoughts————————————Intune
To why I continue to be down———————————- Enthused
This is not the measure I am in.————————————Woman
I am just as strong as [any] man.———————————-Sojourner!