Yes, O Lord Super-real

Greatness made live crusades real

     Glow Shine Shine Aglow

Exalt his name.

     Worship his way.

Glorify every day.

     Venerate in prayer

Adore the omnipotent – Revere.


Penned on May 25, 2014!



She is musing…
Black is a deep color.
It shines when you drink red wine.
It glows with your diamonds.
It can reveal or conceal.
So daring why not wear it!
I like black with any other color to promote my essence.
It forms energy and strength.
Mental subsistence it can bring.
Mind is evolving and singing.

The shoes with this black maxi must be bronze or newly brought.
My hair will drape my bust.
The face is glamorously made.
The hair lays in its place.
Hoop earrings are high and low accessorizing the night with my smile aglow.
The shoulders of this black maxi sparkle in the light.
So informal I am dressed.
My spirit seems to be uplifting.

Now, she is concentrating…
My black maxi hangs in the closet brand new.
I will wear it one day and that is for sure.
Penned on May 19, 2014!



My children be over my sister house.
Oland got scratched by his cousin with a twig in my mother’s front yard.
My children are grown now.
Why is it study going on y’all?
The illegality of removing my children from my custody is a baseball foul.
Carrie told Queen that the children were in the front yard playing.
Tony came prior with Queen.

This social worker said she gave me my first warning.
Why did you go that far?
A parent course is for a child abuser.
I am not one.
I am in something I don’t know of?
I rather my children to be with their father!

Cleaning house to leave, Queen knew of my decision.
“We are moving to Detroit, Michigan,” I said.
She stated my children were to be remove temporarily.
This became unreal.

I am in something I don’t know of?
I rather my children to be with their father!

Child support was not being received because Tony was not paying the bill.
I am left along by knowing I lack communicative skills.
The government is the State.
They negated my family livelihood.

Their feeble mindedness means is destroying a country of fools.
Today I am not along.
I am afire through my belief in the omnipotent.
Unknown to humankind is a greater resolve for their transgressions.

I took my burdens to the Lord and left the wrongdoers –
For God so gave his only begotten son for the world would know that life on Earth is of a greater determination.

Strength Empowers!


Penned on May 18, 2018!



(I said, “Linda, you really have stepped out!”)

You told her she has to wear her clothes sometimes.
She was standing by her car.
As you sat in front of Dunkin’s Grocery, you eyed her with a smile.
She was the Minister’s wife and I am nobody.

Don’t you want to see my waist in its shape?
The figure of my hips swaying
My butt in a switch
I know you want to feel my licks.

You seem to think you can make me feel awkward.
You are my girlfriend’s father.
Your wife has suggested I am trying to like her husband.
You are a man I do not want to discover.

Don’t you want to see my waist in its shape?
The figure of my hips swaying
My butt in a switch
I know you want to get your kicks.

Your daughter did teenage pregnancy.
Many of the girls in Leland had their first child before me.
My sister did as well.
Why do you think you can make me less than I am?

Don’t you want to see my waist in its shape?
The figure of my hips swaying
My butt in a switch
I know you say I am not nothing but a b*t*h.

In all, you self-identify as a Negro.
Your occupation is an employee on a farm.
Your sons you have taught status-quo.
Mr. Howard, why are the Sexton’s girls nothing to you but whores?

Don’t you want to see my waist in its shape?
The figure of my hips swaying
My butt in a switch
I know you cannot name me imperfect.

Penned on May 15, 2014.



Within this world I live, is ascertain destruction of humankind.
The crystal ball has reveal to me a blaze in time.

The strongest man will not overcome.
The world is within a universe he formed.

The abyss is a cist a chamber that destroys.
Neolithic buildings are built for burial, the tombs surrounds.

Our life is affected by what we see.
Gorged to not scream

Productive is the ravine.
Waters – those jet streams possesses the body with such gift, is seen inside.

While eyes look through the washout, the smile does not shine.
The eyes become black on The Street of Catiline.

This time is over now.
The truth has transgressed.

The house, the phones, the batteries are all disable.
Yet man with all his might will not let go of yesterday.
Penned on May 12, 2014!


I am tired of being *uc* by people that have lost their guts.
Ain’t nothing but ducky tubs in washing their butts.
And plus, the earth is barren.
The trees are sticks without leaves.
This is because the Lord ain’t sending any sunshine unpleased.
Mankind lost their minds long-ago.
The unknown has contemplated.
Then they wash their clothes in unclean water.
However, mentality knows nothing of this.
Why do we live in two mediums?
The political picture is our leaders are deceiving us.
We must stand our ground in this powerhouse.
If we do not, we suffer capital punishment.
The game goes experience is the best teacher.
If we don’t deploy advocacy, this democracy will become rancor.
We are the people.
Therefore, we are what have construct.
Political activism is fostered.
Political asylum is festered.
This is our nation; therefore, let us augment the strength we have.
Closing thoughts are if we don’t, no one will.



(He smiled and declared,) Let me go when it is time for me to go.
I have lived my scores.
I will be ninety-three on the 4th of July.
This life is enshrined.

(He stated,) I appreciate the road I travelled because it taught me well.
My journey has sojourned protected.
I will pass this knowledge and wisdom on.
The excursion is a road that is lifelong.

(He crooned,) I will write my own eulogy.
My acclamation is praise of humanity.
I want my coffin orchid white.
Make me a gown of sapphire.

(He preached,) I applaud life with the highest praise.
I know the unknown God through faith.
Prayer and worship I give daily.
May my soul rest in its grave?

Oh, Lord this journey of life is almost over.
I can look down the road an see my spirit aglow.
My mind is free and I have done no wrong.
This morning I awaken safe and unharmed.

(He cried,) This life is almost over.
Just a journey down the road a crossing that must happen, the departure
of this blessed soul.
Just down the road….
Penned on May 03, 2014!