You are looking at me as if I did that to you.
Ah, whatever damn fool!
I am sorry for the expletive.
I did not mean to curse you.
However, I swear you looking at me quite obscene.
You put yourself in these dumb things.
Invective you must be.
I do understand.
Whatever, however, is all I have to give.
A discussion of what has transpired means nothing.

Vilification is your daily panorama.
Your response is these are your friends and family.
They just be playing.
All I have to say is whatever.
This is because I know an insult is an insult.
Nevertheless, you continue to hang out with the boys.

Maliciousness you call me because I tell you what really is happening.
I tell you the mental abuse that you let fester in your life.
Abasement is not transgressed.
Whatever is all I have to say.
You had better get yourself together right now – today!

[Whatever, means that you better stop the lying and strive man!]

Worried about who loves you…
Have you thought about what friends are true?
Ask yourself are you a damn fool
To take their insults the way you do.
Every time they snap you up
Verify for what.
Ears are burning to hear them defame
Realize they are not playing!

I love you…
Penned on June 08, 2014!


Why did the Native Tribal man decide to build the tee-pee for shelter?
Why did the origin of Africa build dirt houses?
The Caucasians and Australians architectural designs formed.
Does anyone know why people of color are called the dumb ones?

A discovery of DNA found that the mongoloid blood was the riches.
Next came the blood of Africa.
Never last are Caucasoid and Australoid..
Are all men created equal?

We learn from each other.
Civilization had to discourse.
The measure of a man ascertains rationality.
Therefore, woman must measure up.

The unearthing via Social Science defined humankind in their cultures.
They travel to Africa to trek in their secret gardens.
They stop first in Europe to research the humanities.
Australia was a philosophical best.
North America is the continent they commence.
In South America, tillage ethos shouted.
In all, they found the landforms to be vast and the social stigma was that of somebodies with beliefs and values.

We have taught each other well.
From war and upward-downward spiraling of discrimination, we are dumbfounded.
Our socio-political and social-religious depiction necessitates our members to
be demarcated.
Therefore, we must be innovative to delineate a diverse world.

PENNED ON MAY 30, 2014!



Precondition for the disgust, I set tight mouthed to not talk.
The ultimate right had been denied and now I was the intelligence they desired.
Within the first ten minutes, I stood up.
I felt frustration in my gut.
There was no reason for me to lose.
All these occurrences had happen.
Confidence had become dumb.
Therefore, I spoke out.
There was no excuse to do otherwise.
Unless there has been another life, they had nothing to go by.
Flexing, I stretched.
I yawned.
Then, he entered the room
He was the maker of Jake Daniels.
She was a Quaker in form.
She stated do not ask me to settle.
That is when I knew her mind was gone.
You mean to tell me you know the truth.
You mean to role-play me as the fool.
I just sighed awaiting for her next move.
He was not the one handling the case.
She was already in the room watching for agitation.
Mundane this has become.
Money gained will be the outcome!

This is an event of actions.
Defense against defensive is from incidents that caused body injury.
In fact, the Defense is in contradiction of the law.
An obvious attack on another person is open for disaster.
As proven, this has never transpired.
No transgression has ever ensued via case law.
Why do they believe they can violated all the statues and laws of this country?
Her name is Jill Zyskowski.
He is Christopher Daniels.
The Judges and Justices in this marathon are:
16th Circuit Court – Macomb County Michigan Judge Peter J. Maceroni
Michigan Court of Appeals Judges Peter O’Connell, William C. Whitbeck, and 
      Kurtis T. Wilder
Michigan Supreme Court Justices
Supreme Court of the United States of America Justices
Ultimatums have been applied.
Yet, no respond to do what is right.
How far do you go to destroy those that have desecrated governess of political 
You hold fast.
Stead to the governing of law to disallow obstruction of justice.
Date your stratagem through a radical mode.
Henceforward to destroy and know that your damages will be recovered…
Penned June 03, 2014 12:48 AM EST!