[I am] from the place where white man states that, literary devices are
for him creatively.
[I am] commencing the eras when empowerment formed in writing.
As a Poet and Philosopher of life ways, [I am] aspiring to connect to scholars.

With emphasis concentrated in Social Theory, my philosophies thrive
on the page.
Social Theology is a prosperous ideology that suggests we are summiting
as the human race.
Our languages are full circle and our image has crested.
The multifarious questions of why am I here and from where did I come
makes sense.

This millennium must substantiate our existence to more than
merely survival.
Our way of life was given for continuation.
This is a reality.
The acumen states that the era of one is looking us in the face.
Do we perceive this as a greater nation?
PENNED ON JULY 19, 2014!



The elevator has malfunctioned.
Issues are surmountable.
I just have to see a way to defeat the problems I would not let hold on.
I’ll climbed the stairway and go out on the roof to think alone.

The sun will shine for me.

So many images form from my past for me to scrutinize.
A proclaimed inclination of a defined destiny is only a heighten presence of an
aspired eternity.
Certain scenes are prophetic of perused and lucid thoughts.

The sun will shine and I will smile once more.

Entering my apartment and opening the patio doors, raindrops are hitting the
I will take a seat in my favorite chair and close my eyes to meditate.
I will breath in fresh air.

The sun will shine on me.
Globules of joy will form.
My dynast will be eternal.
PENNED JULY 18, 2014!


In an innate world, the brain is beautiful.
Being two percent of the body mass, the brain requires about twenty
percent of its oxygen and calories.
The most beautiful image ever seen is the brain normal functions.
So when you are at your wits end, remember that sound understanding is a
beautiful place to be.
Your brain is majesty.
I know this because of the abnormality that can manifest when you do not use
common sense.
This takes away from intellectual power.
You are therefore, diffused.
The mind is encompassed.
Supreme exquisiteness that boons the utmost splendor is the brain.
Use it wisely.

The superficial element of the brain is like imagery seen.
Information is process to enhance memory.
Through telepathic means, your senses thrive.
Manifestations of colorful or colorless montage are visualize.
Let your mind take control.
Live your life as bursts of insight to attain positivity while acquiring the
guidance needed.
All know the story of the dead brain.
The woman revived it with a base of knowledge.
She stemmed it via the occipital lobe.
Then she found it a body to raise above.
The brain begins to function normally.
The human was magnificent to see.
What are the metaphors?
A brain is nothing but a scheme.
The schematic brain is allegory.

The brain encompasses the mind.
The mind forms symbolism.
This is where your reality becomes your thinking.
Your clown frown is on.
Your mouth hangs open.
You are a click of hyperactivity.
You win arguments but you lose disagreements.
Your vicissitudes are with your anticyclones and nadirs.
You know that the world is in a depressive state.
Foster good will to cultivate empowerment.
Therefore, bringing forth the most beautiful image of all normal
preoccupations of the brain.
PENNED ON JULY 02, 2014!


There is no reason to be down and out.
The sun still shines in the sky when raindrops.
Smile now because this is your time to pop.
We really want to hear your thoughts about…
Life love joy rapture pleasure thrills bliss blessed
There is cause to be irrefutable.
You know the heights of life uplift others.
Happiness esteems and solidifies.
Each time you strive, you find that the world thrives.
Uplift life elevate mind and inspire…
There is purpose to take on; therefore,
Give heart to another and cheer to the
dishearten. Raise spirits to encourage
deification of our creator through praise.

Mother Earth is our celestial orbit.
Peace seekers we are in spirit and truth.
Love and harmony is for all dwellers.
Let us join on native topography.
Hold hands sing from the voice of the patriot
Scale the endless strife of diversity
To meander in our conflicting journeys
So that our life is a religious nub,
Which brings forth faith in the omnipotent.
The crux of our essence edifies soul.
Elucidation is magnetic force
Mesmerizing all the people involved.
We shout in our synagogues worship
Via life force, which is cognizance.

Oration heard from the heights of trouble.
Just a closer walk with God was words voiced.
A proclamation so great, tears came forth.
I know the Lord exclaimed the choir from the
balcony while others were praying in
the aisles. Oh Lord have mercy on me.
There was no doubt that salvation was there.
The expression was that the Holy Ghost
had entered. Utterance of faith is with
all. An enduring completed through the
works of God. How were the burdens taken
to a place of repost? The Lord keeps me
safe and warm. Through veneration and
extol, prayer; praise; and worship heartens all.
PENNED JUNE 28, 2014!
Written for a those who seek a greater determination….