At least I am full.
I got a roof over my head.
I can go and find relief when I need it.
Can you say the same?
Of course, not, you don’t know the game.

I am not gloating because I am proud of who I am.
I am not a show-off by stating where I stand.
I will step to the cause to take care of myself.
You should do the same when you know you should do better.

I paid two hundred dollars for these shoes.
The outfit I am wearing was a good bit too.
I had my teeth fixed through my insurance.
I am thanking the good Lord for all he does.
Do you do the same when you are blessed?
Of course, not, you think you did all this by yourself.

I am gloating about how good God is to me.
I want the world to see.
When your faith is shown through your glory,
Let the world know whose Jehovah.

I am double Mastered.
I am a rhymester.
I am a mental strategist.
I am fulfilled.
I have walked a treacherous path.
The Almighty God was visionary.
He spoke at the most precarious times.
He told me he was by my side.

I know you say I am gloating.
Might I do just that?
God said spread his will and his way to everybody.

via Poem: GLOATING by Verlena S. Walker.


Eradicating Poverty, LLC is a for profit organization.

The mission of Eradicating Poverty, LLC is to form a socio-political socio-religious culture of togetherness via Education and the Social Sciences.

The vision is therein!

/s/Verlena S. Walker



Verlena’s destiny calls for a perfected cause.
In aura of amazing grace via a walk of faith, is her voice.
At the Tombs of Saints, she proclaims her life and choice.
She will not be suppress.
She will uplift her existence to what is best, that which is rightful.

During colonial time, the thinking of man in this part of the world was based on intelligence.
He defined the structure for equality yet, enslavement.
He emancipated yet, civil entrapment.
He became mobile, nevertheless, systematic discrimination formed.
And, as all of this was taking place, founding fathers were manifesting destiny.

The lens of the future is today.
Hasten through transgression Verlena is anointed to be wise.
The knowledge endowed has awarded her insight to the Social Sciences.
She is the founder of a New School of Thought – The School of Social Theology.

Therefore, I am Social Theorem of today.
A Social Scientist generalization, which evolved from the acumen of history titivated.
Insofar, Verlena S. Walker will henceforward to remove the troubles of the world.
Therein, a socio-political socio-religious structure has formed.
Penned on November 4, 2014!