Look out life’s window,

Try to find out why you are so sad and down.

Don’t blame the Lord for struggles.

Know strife in life is there.

If you do not live a meaningful existence, life would have no meaning.

So maybe you have stretched to the limit but never give-up.

Stand as a pillar because of your self-worth.

To those that suggest a difference, state my earthly work magnifies who I am.

Justifying subsistence, affluence is only a gen.

The knowledge this provides is of a greater acumen.

May I say that living is first an utmost privileged circumstance!

The Lord is keeper and to him you give honor and respect.

In this solitary world, we seek companionship.

We go through situations in our relationships and may lose focus.

However, the Lord is there for us in our time of discontent.

Regime is formed and we mindset.

Our spirits are inner cored for fulfillment.

There is no greater cohort than the Lord’s intellect.

I know because this mountain I continue to peak.

Without question, I am profound in my belief.

That the Lord is the keeper of my faith and mankind is the persuader of a different way.

In joy, I laugh aloud.

I am not blind to the lies of mankind.

My footsteps are admin to the all-powerful.

This day is given by The Almighty God.

Hallelujah Amen!