Satin Sheets

Satin Sheets

Nothing but dog heads that

Fuck men in the ass.

Lying to women about romance.

As if we give a damn.

We are here to check where you have been?

HIV is alive and well.

Don’t be afraid to tell on yourself.

What is apparent is that men are homosexuals playing a game of a bisexual.

Nothing but a mutt bitch

Oral sexing women.

Lying about her sexual preference

As if a man give a damn.

They are oral sexing men.

We all need a check-up to

Find out about our blood.

If we are not wrap tight,

We may be full of parasites.

HIV is alive and well.

Don’t we care about ourselves?

What’s not apparent is heterosexualism but who looks for trouble ends up in prison.

Mary Mary don’t you weep.

Was he found cheating with the same meat?

Tell Martha not to mourn.

For Neil Cannon’s Wild & Out!