I am the hunter with belt and sword.
I am captivity and desires searched for.
Great my name has become.
My dynasty is vast.

I stand for truth and honor.
Many have tried to defeat me.
Many I have defeated.
I am glory and shame in a world devoured.
So overwhelmed that we sputters to speak but overcame undefeated.

I am Law and Justice.
My government is Monarch.
I am the Emperor and Judge.
My engagements are that of Poet and Philosopher
edification to instruct my people out of darkness.
So obfuscated they splutter to speak but I am there as their teacher.

Mystification is our world.
Those who find us are forewarn that we are given life by God,
therefore, we are sentient to what is said.
If he or she sojourns, he or she must learn our ways.
So distinguished we are.

We have conquer multitudes.
Delegation to our land we deploy.
Emissaries formed
and our people adhere.

We rejoice over our victories.
Measures are not require.
We know who we are.

This is our Empire beyond the stars.
Galactica bears as named.
Galactians are woman, man, and child.

Our minds are affixed; our hearts are forbidden.
We are not forsakes of love.
We are the image of unions.
Neither he nor she achieves without some form of unity.

Here is our belief and our creed.

We are the Galactians of Orion.
Constellated on the equator east of Taurus,
we are one world diverse.
Our people are multifarious.
We are unions unified.

Our missions is to remain distinguishable
from all others.
Strength of our brothers is strength to all.
Solidarity is domain, which includes woman and child.

Diversification must form.
Mixt we are colors all around.
Amalgamation is a twilight zone.

We are the Galactians.
Once discovered, we embrace.

Conformity is our aspect.
We informed with a straight face.
Life is not lost here.

Our horde will segment.
Our ways must be sought.
To those that come, whether by choice or coincidental, we inform.

Our creed is our belief that anyone can be a Galactian.

Within a dream, we may live.
Within in a world, we are.

If you are the choice or the coincident, we are your protector from enmity.

We are the Galactians.
We are warriors and man!

My Dick is My Dick!

Disfigurement, if you cheat.

My dick is my dick!

When I say this dick belongs to me…

You see me in a mood swing.

My dick is my dick!

I am not going tolerate anything less.

I am not going argue about this.

You know what I mean.

My dick is my dick!

You once was a whore in the streets.

We meet via family.

You told me I was the most beautiful you ever seen.

You were meant for me.

My dick is my dick!

You really took me by surprise.

Being that you are so fine

I want you in my life.

Therefore, I decided to make you my man.

I hope you had me in your plans.

Because my dick is my dick!


You are not just a rodeo ride.

I see the fire in your eyes.

I’m on top.

You inside.

You are filled with passion and desire.

You really aren’t a bull to fight.

Your body fits mine.

Your eyes tell me you are ready to ignite.

The warmth of your ejaculation I will feel tonight.

You brought with you ecstasy.

Frenzy I am.

When we come together, I remember the rapture from the last time.

I will not let you stop blowing my mind.

Transcendental Overwhelming Forever

The Spirits of Leland, Mississippi

They were deceive by their city government.

They were people that were burden by the struggles of the universe.Image


No one knew.

It just was their way of life.

They farmed and industry was that of invention.

They will see growth from unity and togetherness.

If this was not form from strife, the city would be dead beaten.

The worst would not become any better.

Money was not feasible.

They must share to live a healthy life.

It was not right to try to build an economy.

Money meant nothing.

The story is not a tale of two cities.

The story is of the City of Leland.

We are the family from the Hills.

My great grandparents came via The Trail of Tears.

Wolfe’s Plantation and the quarter houses that were built during enslavement is still there in Crystal Springs.

My great grandparents tenant farmed.

Emma and Lenny did well.

Lenny died.

Emma left the Hills.

The Mississippi Delta is where she died.

My mother did as well.

The tears I did not let drop.

Weeping was in my heart.

Eternity now.

The holy scripture of humanity is written.

No more do I see yesterday or the present.

I am high because I know what is beyond the sky.

The colored Sextons and Die Mr. I.