(He smiled and declared,) Let me go when it is time for me to go.
I have lived my scores.
I will be ninety-three on the 4th of July.
This life is enshrined.

(He stated,) I appreciate the road I travelled because it taught me well.
My journey has sojourned protected.
I will pass this knowledge and wisdom on.
The excursion is a road that is lifelong.

(He crooned,) I will write my own eulogy.
My acclamation is praise of humanity.
I want my coffin orchid white.
Make me a gown of sapphire.

(He preached,) I applaud life with the highest praise.
I know the unknown God through faith.
Prayer and worship I give daily.
May my soul rest in its grave?

Oh, Lord this journey of life is almost over.
I can look down the road an see my spirit aglow.
My mind is free and I have done no wrong.
This morning I awaken safe and unharmed.

(He cried,) This life is almost over.
Just a journey down the road a crossing that must happen, the departure
of this blessed soul.
Just down the road….


Walking Cradles

Underpinnings are cushions of support.

We exacerbate to defeat negative thoughts.

We want success because this soothes our words.

Impaired from those that know how to hinder when moving forward, is a liaison to destroy.

A philosophical standard is not atypical.

This provides acumen and vision.

A walking cradle

A scaffold

Just support

A platform to stand on is that designed to level up.

Your thinking encounters more knowledge.

Edifice so large, that organization is a network.

Associate positive environment.

Correlate your roller deck.

Connect your mind to solidarity.

A walking cradle

Your framework

Empowered to join in a cause

The structure is in order to induce the luring of optimistic tools.

To progress, becomes categorical.

Firm uncompromising unconditional

Absolute your milieu unlimitedly,

Cultivate your own means.

Flourish breed

A walking cradle

A new school