She is musing…
Black is a deep color.
It shines when you drink red wine.
It glows with your diamonds.
It can reveal or conceal.
So daring why not wear it!
I like black with any other color to promote my essence.
It forms energy and strength.
Mental subsistence it can bring.
Mind is evolving and singing.

The shoes with this black maxi must be bronze or newly brought.
My hair will drape my bust.
The face is glamorously made.
The hair lays in its place.
Hoop earrings are high and low accessorizing the night with my smile aglow.
The shoulders of this black maxi sparkle in the light.
So informal I am dressed.
My spirit seems to be uplifting.

Now, she is concentrating…
My black maxi hangs in the closet brand new.
I will wear it one day and that is for sure.
Penned on May 19, 2014!



Within this world I live, is ascertain destruction of humankind.
The crystal ball has reveal to me a blaze in time.

The strongest man will not overcome.
The world is within a universe he formed.

The abyss is a cist a chamber that destroys.
Neolithic buildings are built for burial, the tombs surrounds.

Our life is affected by what we see.
Gorged to not scream

Productive is the ravine.
Waters – those jet streams possesses the body with such gift, is seen inside.

While eyes look through the washout, the smile does not shine.
The eyes become black on The Street of Catiline.

This time is over now.
The truth has transgressed.

The house, the phones, the batteries are all disable.
Yet man with all his might will not let go of yesterday.
Penned on May 12, 2014!


My life revolves around your emotional pull.
My heart thumps when I feel that we are not a couple.
Our life must interweave.
For today, I am not the loser.
Our beings must not fray.
For tomorrow, we both win.

We are not against each other.
We are the simple things.
We are life complexity.
You are all of me.

Our disagreements are few.
Our high and lows, we both know.
We are similar in thought; however, we are quite different.
Diversity this gives intimate and fulfilling.
Just yesterday, you asked me do you augment my appearance.
I responded and said, “You are all of me.”

We are not against each other.
We are the simple things.
We are life complexity.
You are all of me.

We walk together.
We share our thoughts.
We are so in love.
We overlook our faults.
We know that we are obligated to each other needs.
In all said, you are all of me.

Old School

You do me wrong never right.
You cheat and control my life.
When I confront you, you tell lies stating take the spec out your eye.

We fell in love young.
You were a gangster.
I was a fast girl.
It came like a gun.

I was shot but never warned.

You took my rights from the start.
I was to trusting in our love.
I did discover I must grow-up.

Intimates, we were seen by our friends and family.
The abuse as arguments until you hit me with your fist.
Today I am battered and scared because I just lived without taking care of my business.

High-school drop-out and mother of three leaves no venue to equity.

You took my life from the start.
I am at the next step.
I must play the part.
No negative thoughts do I have.
Soon you will see a difference.



Premonition symbolically is given via sign.
Dreamlike we trance tracing our feet steps otherworldly.
Not a life do we have to misstep.
Can we decipher where we are?

We are caught in life’s aspects.
In time, do we discern the daydream?
Whatever that we ponder on we must consider our own way.
The path we intended to take was discouraged.
Muses sing above our heads.
There is a boy standing afar and the little girl cries for her father to put her in bed.
This day has happen before.
Our endings are always in the same state.
Luck has told us this will change one day then lighting strikes.
The sky ignites.
The night is illuminated.
Powerful is the mind and those that daydream has integrated with night.
Sleep is induced.
The mares are stalled.
By midnight, there are no sounds at all.
This was not an easy diurnal.
Many recurring thoughts we had and, in all, the circadian lack transgression.
Why, we wondered.

Thunder startles us from our slumber.
Forty winks and now it is morning.
Captured is daytime; therefore, we knew the road we would take.
Dually diagnosed are we and if we made mistakes, we reflect.
This ensues us to greater success.

Forty Years to Life

These days are like no other.

Life is just sparkling like champagne.

It seems to be excitement within.

Once this excitement subsides; however, you feel a coldness inside.

Maybe a sign of fear…

Might be a sigh to adhere…

Woman today is in a task force.

She stands up for her rights.

When her voice is not being heard, her life is being scrutinized.

She never gives up because she thinks with a rightful mind.

The clock ticks before her and she knows if it is God’s well, she will rise.

She saw herself stumble and she looks inside.

She fights with a purpose.

She has only one life.

Man is perplexed.

He disarrays with his sex preference.

He is in suspension.

That is where he wants to live.

Many men deny what is wrong that wrongness that states his sex orientation.

Let us consider all things that define oneself.

When your world is drifting, never does he or she see abnormalities.

We continue to live bearing children each day.

The world has to change or we lose our place.

THE GIFTS OF GENTLE MEN [Oblivion Dark Sunshine]

I won against old men.

No problems with the young ones did I have.

I am just an esteem woman spiritually crossing.

The bags I carried rolls beside me.

I am not going to be that hobo with my back denying me.

I may stumble along the way but never will I turn around.

I am better off if I get up when I fall down.

Never do I negate my mind to unsound.

The safe haven I am from states your struggle is defined.

Do I harbor front and never discover my own mind?

This is well kept.

My city stands behind.

I do not look back because my life there was scrutinized.

Jack Frost told me, as a child, that it was going to be cold days outside.

When the warmth returns, the people began to socialize.

They walked and talked about another’s life.

Might be in comparison with their lives but then they talk about the problems they cannot disguise.

Money struggle is a strife in life.

Intimate relationships bring sadness to the eyes.

It is hot now and a change must come.

Many dissolve and move on.

This is how it is in the norms.

Abide and your spirit will form.