The Statute of Liberty stands for liberation.

Does this not?

The Empire State Building represents beautiful architect.

Just not a New Yorker but I know I am correct.

In Michigan, there is Coleman Young Municipal Building with a pillar of strength sitting as statue to image.

In Colorado, there are boulders and cliffs, beauty done by God’s landscape!

In Florida, coming from Mississippi, you cross the Atlantic.

Visual and majestic, Breath…

I am a native Mississippian to the U.S.A.

Rurality is a better scenic view of today.

We know we have constructed picturistically.

Just ride through the country and feel more of that history.


You are not just a rodeo ride.

I see the fire in your eyes.

I’m on top.

You inside.

You are filled with passion and desire.

You really aren’t a bull to fight.

Your body fits mine.

Your eyes tell me you are ready to ignite.

The warmth of your ejaculation I will feel tonight.

You brought with you ecstasy.

Frenzy I am.

When we come together, I remember the rapture from the last time.

I will not let you stop blowing my mind.

Transcendental Overwhelming Forever

The Politics of Living

I was not in the mood, therefore, my laughter did not exist.

If I laugh, I laughed because the statement engaged my senses.

I saw what was stated, which was humorous.

However, I was not in the mood for enjoyment.

Try to preceive everyone against right.

Try to conceive what is this to a rightful mind.

You have your own stressors that will form.

You are your protector.

You expect nothing from anyone.

Your expectations are high for only you.

You are young and must achieve to grow.

Your talent must be defined.

Maybe you are a painter, a poet, or something more acclaimed.

Nonetheless, social injustice is in the bloodstreams.

You know now who you will become.

A fight against social injustice is a fight for social justice.

A philosopher

A politician….

Imagia Replica

In the imaginative world, we make-believe we are real.

We form mediums that are surreal.

Individualize we try to live; however, immortality is forewarn.

One is one as one.

No one can deny that the personality is one in all.

We  strive to maintain our own identity but equity is not at all involved.

This we call Imagia Replica.

Gravely great are the people.

Their characteristics are the same with personality cultivating.

Seek them.

Make sure they are sought.

Know their realm is immense and their presence is the elevated sense that represents the number six.

Three times their worth is what we feel with them because our personality is of their stratosphere.

We are the universe here.

We are the ones that perseveres.

They live.

The Campaign

Defeated and lacking a defense, I stood with my mind in suspense.

Overwhelmed and but not outdone, I mumble to myself.

Never to give or to give out, I became mobile.

Just a storyline that tells that I am in trouble.

In depthly motivated to achieve, I start writing my goals as a plan of proceedings.

I step out as sharp as a tac.

My articulation was in tac.

My communication skills expressed my intellect.

I had my clogs on.

I walked a walk of involvement.

The sway of my hips turned heads.

The air blew my hair in my face.

Brushing, I smiled in dismay.

I knew this was going to be an eventful day.