The Statute of Liberty stands for liberation.

Does this not?

The Empire State Building represents beautiful architect.

Just not a New Yorker but I know I am correct.

In Michigan, there is Coleman Young Municipal Building with a pillar of strength sitting as statue to image.

In Colorado, there are boulders and cliffs, beauty done by God’s landscape!

In Florida, coming from Mississippi, you cross the Atlantic.

Visual and majestic, Breath…

I am a native Mississippian to the U.S.A.

Rurality is a better scenic view of today.

We know we have constructed picturistically.

Just ride through the country and feel more of that history.

My Dick is My Dick!

Disfigurement, if you cheat.

My dick is my dick!

When I say this dick belongs to me…

You see me in a mood swing.

My dick is my dick!

I am not going tolerate anything less.

I am not going argue about this.

You know what I mean.

My dick is my dick!

You once was a whore in the streets.

We meet via family.

You told me I was the most beautiful you ever seen.

You were meant for me.

My dick is my dick!

You really took me by surprise.

Being that you are so fine

I want you in my life.

Therefore, I decided to make you my man.

I hope you had me in your plans.

Because my dick is my dick!


Just believe in an unknown God.

Rise above disbelief.

Stand in the center of your universe and feel the gravity.

If you sway, you may be getting dizzy.

Your knowledge of holistic presence is that it is wise to live life crime free.

You will never relax when you are running from the police.

Somebodies, many times, have tried to get you into the wrong thing.

You had sense; therefore, you remain law abiding.

Life is to enjoy.

Good living is a fulfillment.

Just be for sure that you are not a control freak.

This will cause disharmony.

What’s up?

Are you down with me?

We are structured to manifest destiny.


Let us share out!

This support group is based on an itemized perspective of you.

Now when it comes to me, this will aspect.

First item:

1. My life is a mess.  Can you help me get it together?

Second Item:

2. I am distress because I cannot get it together

Third Item:

3. What is wrong with me?

Imagia Replica

In the imaginative world, we make-believe we are real.

We form mediums that are surreal.

Individualize we try to live; however, immortality is forewarn.

One is one as one.

No one can deny that the personality is one in all.

We  strive to maintain our own identity but equity is not at all involved.

This we call Imagia Replica.

Gravely great are the people.

Their characteristics are the same with personality cultivating.

Seek them.

Make sure they are sought.

Know their realm is immense and their presence is the elevated sense that represents the number six.

Three times their worth is what we feel with them because our personality is of their stratosphere.

We are the universe here.

We are the ones that perseveres.

They live.