Yes, O Lord Super-real

Greatness made live crusades real

     Glow Shine Shine Aglow

Exalt his name.

     Worship his way.

Glorify every day.

     Venerate in prayer

Adore the omnipotent – Revere.


Penned on May 25, 2014!



She is musing…
Black is a deep color.
It shines when you drink red wine.
It glows with your diamonds.
It can reveal or conceal.
So daring why not wear it!
I like black with any other color to promote my essence.
It forms energy and strength.
Mental subsistence it can bring.
Mind is evolving and singing.

The shoes with this black maxi must be bronze or newly brought.
My hair will drape my bust.
The face is glamorously made.
The hair lays in its place.
Hoop earrings are high and low accessorizing the night with my smile aglow.
The shoulders of this black maxi sparkle in the light.
So informal I am dressed.
My spirit seems to be uplifting.

Now, she is concentrating…
My black maxi hangs in the closet brand new.
I will wear it one day and that is for sure.
Penned on May 19, 2014!



I am the hunter with belt and sword.
I am captivity and desires searched for.
Great my name has become.
My dynasty is vast.

I stand for truth and honor.
Many have tried to defeat me.
Many I have defeated.
I am glory and shame in a world devoured.
So overwhelmed that we sputters to speak but overcame undefeated.

I am Law and Justice.
My government is Monarch.
I am the Emperor and Judge.
My engagements are that of Poet and Philosopher
edification to instruct my people out of darkness.
So obfuscated they splutter to speak but I am there as their teacher.

Mystification is our world.
Those who find us are forewarn that we are given life by God,
therefore, we are sentient to what is said.
If he or she sojourns, he or she must learn our ways.
So distinguished we are.

We have conquer multitudes.
Delegation to our land we deploy.
Emissaries formed
and our people adhere.

We rejoice over our victories.
Measures are not require.
We know who we are.

This is our Empire beyond the stars.
Galactica bears as named.
Galactians are woman, man, and child.

Our minds are affixed; our hearts are forbidden.
We are not forsakes of love.
We are the image of unions.
Neither he nor she achieves without some form of unity.

Here is our belief and our creed.

We are the Galactians of Orion.
Constellated on the equator east of Taurus,
we are one world diverse.
Our people are multifarious.
We are unions unified.

Our missions is to remain distinguishable
from all others.
Strength of our brothers is strength to all.
Solidarity is domain, which includes woman and child.

Diversification must form.
Mixt we are colors all around.
Amalgamation is a twilight zone.

We are the Galactians.
Once discovered, we embrace.

Conformity is our aspect.
We informed with a straight face.
Life is not lost here.

Our horde will segment.
Our ways must be sought.
To those that come, whether by choice or coincidental, we inform.

Our creed is our belief that anyone can be a Galactian.

Within a dream, we may live.
Within in a world, we are.

If you are the choice or the coincident, we are your protector from enmity.

We are the Galactians.
We are warriors and man!


My life revolves around your emotional pull.
My heart thumps when I feel that we are not a couple.
Our life must interweave.
For today, I am not the loser.
Our beings must not fray.
For tomorrow, we both win.

We are not against each other.
We are the simple things.
We are life complexity.
You are all of me.

Our disagreements are few.
Our high and lows, we both know.
We are similar in thought; however, we are quite different.
Diversity this gives intimate and fulfilling.
Just yesterday, you asked me do you augment my appearance.
I responded and said, “You are all of me.”

We are not against each other.
We are the simple things.
We are life complexity.
You are all of me.

We walk together.
We share our thoughts.
We are so in love.
We overlook our faults.
We know that we are obligated to each other needs.
In all said, you are all of me.

The Draft

The mandate states:

We shall not be destroyed via abuse of discretion.

We shall not be negated our success in applicable law.

We shall rise above bigotry and racism.

We shall overcome all these negativity.

However, the mandate was only drafted.

The Court came in violation of Human Rights.

No error in law when this was the Judges, Justices, and Magistrates outright intentions.

This is the United States of America and social injustice is due eradication.

Listen… Hear

Old School

You do me wrong never right.
You cheat and control my life.
When I confront you, you tell lies stating take the spec out your eye.

We fell in love young.
You were a gangster.
I was a fast girl.
It came like a gun.

I was shot but never warned.

You took my rights from the start.
I was to trusting in our love.
I did discover I must grow-up.

Intimates, we were seen by our friends and family.
The abuse as arguments until you hit me with your fist.
Today I am battered and scared because I just lived without taking care of my business.

High-school drop-out and mother of three leaves no venue to equity.

You took my life from the start.
I am at the next step.
I must play the part.
No negative thoughts do I have.
Soon you will see a difference.