Dinosaurian War [Ms. Verlena Sexton-Walker, MS.Ed.]

The Earth speaks to mankind…

Man of Earth, we will come back to retrieve what belong to us.  Man of Wars, this land belongs to the Dinosaurs.  You documented us as being pre-historic.  Why?  What annihilated our lives is what has determined yours.  Deteriorated, we will reform ourselves.  To every man will be three species from our temple.  This is Dinosaurian War.

The beginnig of Mankind was creation.  The alpha of Dinosaurian was evolution.  The end has not come for either. The threat has been forewarn and man must bear arms to protect himself.  However, will that be enough eternally to destroy Dinosaurian?


In the History of Dinosaurian, there are many species within his cult.  Suborder Theropoda shall evolve from within the Order Saurischia.  Suborder Sauropodomorpha shall evolve from within the Order Saurischia.  Suborder Threophora shall evolve within the Order Ornithischia.  Suborder Cerapoda shall evolve within the Order Ornithichia.  From all Orders, a greater classification has manifested.  We are dinosaurian and we are the greater intellect.  Evolutionary relationships we have; for instance, human beings suggest that they have cladogram and phylogenetic definitions of our beings, which certainly reflects their understanding of our evolutionary relationships and how we suppose to interact on earth.    We must define our ancestral lines and understanding the classification of us by man to be our capacity to our type of normality on earth.  Therefore, we listen from the crust and as bones begin to reform the facial seams of planet earth, we will evolve.  We will evolve.  Thus far, we have listen and talked as man do.  We will learn their intelligence as well.  Hence, doing what is best for ourselves; creating a greater phylum of us.

Chapter I

“It’s empirically stated that there is no center to the universe; earth is just part of it.  The Big Bang happen 14 billion years ago everywhere at the same time.  The Big Bang evolved space and time and dinosaurian evolved within it, however, no exact time frame has been given to the Era of Dinosaurian, therefore, pre-historic defines their ancestral lines,” stated Dr. Edmund Fitzgerald Motif-Lead Zoologist of Pre-Historic Institute of South America.  “What we search now to know, Can Dinosaurian’s’ re-evolve?  We have traced his early ancestral lines here within South America.  Until we are definite that he first existed on this continent soil, location will not be reveal at this time.  I will now provide you with the latest classification of Dinosaurian for your review and study.  We have a lot of work ahead us.

Further, here are some pictures of what to expect to see if or when they do evolve.  There are many forms within each suborder.  We must prepare ourselves for fatal destruction.  Can we beat Dinosaurian?  As a humid climate, we know that dinosaurian thrives in cooler temperatures.  Therefore, the question is why would dinosaurian re-evolve in South America?  They have to elevate their body temperature above that of the environment.  Therefore, our greatest fear is destruction by fire.  The Institute has to study these patterns for at least 10 years to calculate Dinosaurian to what is expected from his and her evolutionary relationship with earth.  Meaning, we must know his every option and why he has or desires to re-evolve.  Hopefully, he or she will not re-evolve before this study is completed.”


In Ecuador, an environment disturbance was sturdily approaching.  Activities in the Republic of Ecuador, as well as the nearby City of Colombia, were ended abruptly.  Dr. Motif conference was ended as well but not as abruptly.  For some unknown reason zoologist in the area felt that everything centered on the return of the dinosaurs.  In their opinion, this was more important than any earth shaker and they had handled many natural disasters that this one should be child’s play.  This one would hit Venezuela.

Meanwhile, refugees from Columbia were crossing into Ecuador because of the maltreatment in their home country.  Thousands would lose their lives from this earthquake.   More will come later.  One noticing the patterns of the cracks in the earth exclaimed in Spanish, “Veo los huesos de los dinosaurios” (I see dinosaurs’ bones).  No one paid attention…


The Republic of Ecuador is nature diversity.  Culture vultures from America are constant tourist of this small maze in South America that can be indefinitely rediscovered.  The milieu of Ecuador is the center of the world and many believe anything that central can manifest good and evil.  Nevertheless, immortality suggests that evolution is ongoing in the Amazon Basin.  Zoologists have noted animals and insectomologist have noted insects that have not been discovered before and therefore, an evolutionary relationship must exist with planet earth.  “Exotic orchids and birds, bizarre jungle plants, strange insects, windswept paramo (Andean grasslands), dripping tropical forests, and fearless animals” are seen by many without questioning humanity.  The Galapagos Islands are favorite tourists’ attractions in which an evolutionary relationship can be seen.  As life spans, someone must pay attention.

Development of international relationship with Ecuador ties the United States of America (USA) as a mutual interjector in order to maintain democratic institutions to combat narco-trafficking, to assist in building trade, investment, and financial ties, thus cooperating in the Republic of Ecuador’s economic development and allowing Ecuadorians to participate in inter-American organizations.  In regards to the refugees from Columbia who fled their home country because of maltreatment, the Ecuadorian government many times deports them and they must return to Columbia.

The same refugee told an Ecuador official about the pattern of dinosaurs’ bones he saw in the dryness of the earth.  Being a male, he stated this calmly and concisely.  However, this official did not take kindly to the remark.  Asking him for his identification as a citizen of Ecuador, the man became agitated.  He could not provide this information and begin to mumble his name as Thepodo.  Luck has it that the quake hits and the official had to attend to others; therefore, Thepodo left and would not suffer deportation that day.

Thepodo and his family was one out of 12 families that had fled Columbia because of maltreatment.  It seems that Thepodo would eventually meet Dr. Motif.  Strange enough he would be given a job at one of the Pre-Historic Institute of South America museum and zoo sites.


Walking despondently, Thepodo Suramerica knew he would make a better life in Ecuador.  He had experience maltreatment within his home country that was so painful to the memory that he was surprise in his success of depleting flashbacks that he had felt would be everlasting.  Finding shelter for his family, he felt, would be difficult.  However, this fear soon dissipated because someone was there to provide help in his plight.  Once this person help manifested into Thepodo life, he was so ecstatic that he did not question it and accepted it outright.

Once comfortably situated, Thepodo decided to learn about the life of the Dinosaurs.  He knew he wanted to work in an occupation that placed him in the vicinity of pre-historic information so he went an applied, through the advice of his confidante, at the Pre-Historic Institute of South America.  His wife Comovidas Suramerica was not in favor of his decision because she had paid attention to his statement – “Veo los huesos de los dinosaurios” (I see Dinosaurs’ bones) – without his knowledge of this.  She had pondered on whether or not to tell him that she heard what he said but did not see what he had seen.  If she told him this, by nature, it would escalate into a conflict of intelligence.  Therefore, she kept quiet.

A brief discussion of Thepodo Suramerica educational background states that he was quite mysterious.  Even his wife Como tried to figure out how he was so smart based on what he had shared with her about his upbringing.  She knew that Thep’s upbringing was poverty stricken as hers.  Nevertheless, his articulation and knowledge based said otherwise and therefore, was not apparent to her knowledge.  Because of this truth, Como did not like to be involve with her husband on any subject he felt he knew well.  She constantly avoided conflict.  However, when it came to the paranormal element of Thep, he would not let go and that is when his education and life spoken of to Como came into question.  Although Como was not very bright, she knew when something was not right especially when it came to self, husband, and their five children.

Como and Thep’s marriage had given them two girls and three boys.  Their names and ages where: Historia (girl) – ten years of age; Explosian (boy) – nine years of age; Se Desorolla (girl) – six years of age; El Mismo (boy) – four years of age; and Theopodo (boy) – two years of age.  Como was thirty-one, Thep was forty, and they were very happy with their progeny.  They were more excited now that they were triumphant in securing a family life for themselves that they did not foresee in Columbia.  Como had been a worker in a nursery in Columbia and this would be her vocation in Ecuador.  Thep wanted to help her find work but he had to find work himself first.  His confidante told him he would provide assistant to find Como work also and would get back with him in a couple of days.


OAs a little boy, Thep lived in a small city in Columbia called Cali City.  Being from a wealthy family, he was quite fortunate in acquiring knowledge, however, he would develop his own theory of life in which he would desire to live a life of the less fortunate.  Thep finish school; however, he did not attend college.  He wanted to attain a life presence through experience and living as a “has not.”

At the age of thirty-one Thep, begin to work in a zoo in Cali City, Columbia.  Within six months, he had met Como within this city’s marketplace.  He struck a conversation with her and they immediately became intimate friends.  They soon married and had their first child, which was their daughter Historia and because of all the maltreatment they suffer mentally, they fled to Ecuador while Como was in her six month of pregnancy with their last child, Theopodo, who was two now.  Within this timely escape, Thep would become insightful and Como will become visionary.  Nevertheless, these two elements of self would reverse frequently.

The next morning Thep’s confidante, whose name has not yet been shared, sent a messenger to inform him of his interview at the zoo in West Ecuador – the City of Guayaquil.  Thep was anxious. He hoped this anxiousness would not cause him this job.  Once employed, he knew he did well under distressed.  His confidante had provided his interviewer with a thorough report on his skills as a caregiver of animals.  Thep knew then that he had been trusted.  He promised himself he would not lose that trust.

Five days had passed and Thep confidante had not sent word about what he had discovered for Como’s employment in plant nursery.  On the sixth day, Thep was leaving from work when his confidante beacon him on the streets.  He gave Thep a piece of paper and stated to him that this would enable Como to get a job at the local nursery in Guayaquil.  Because Thep and his family lived about 15 miles from Guayaquil in which he hiked and hitched a ride to work each day, he needed a place to live in Guayaquil before Como became employed, therefore, this note had a potential landlord for the Suramerica family.  There was schooling and a day caring in this area as well that would allow Como to work while the children attended.  Her hours stated on the paper would be from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm, four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) and Thep’s hours at the zoo where from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm, seven days per week.  For some reason, everything was being neatly arranged for them.


Thursday was Como off day and she tried her best to fulfill all her other activities on that day.  This particular Thursday she awoke feeling fatigued.  She did not know what was wrong with her so she decided to get some rest until she felt better because she knew that she did not want to miss work the next day.  Thep and she were trying to purchase a car for greater mobility.  This would enable her to finish furnishing their house and provide a better form of transportation of their children to school.

Como finally begin feeling better and started her Thursday activities.  She washed clothes, went to grocery store, ironed the family clothes for the next week, picked up the children from school, and cooked.  At about 8:00 P.M., all her tasks were completed and she feed the children and then she went to bed so that she would be well rested and able to go to work the next day.  For some reason Thep had not made it home from work and she begin to worry.  However, she was so tired she dozed off to sleep never knowing what time Thep came home.

The next morning when Como awakens she noticed that Thep had been home and ate and slept.  Nevertheless, Thep had to be at work two hours before she did, thus, disallowing her to converse with him this morning.  Como was saddened and she knew why.

Chapter II

Thep read the activity board at work and found a conference on Dinosaurs that he knew he would attend.  His interest in Dinosaurs had heightened since his family and he had fled from Columbia, and it was apparent that he believed that he had seen dinosaurian bones in the facial seams of the earth.  He would discuss this with Como to see whether she and the children would like to attend as well.  This conference will be in the form of a televised documentary with questions asked by attendees.  Furthermore, the Institute was sponsoring this documentary with speaker being Dr. Edmund Fitzgerald Motif.

Two weeks had passed since Como sick spell.  This was a Wednesday night and she was waiting on Thep at the front door as he was coming up the street.  She had felt fatigued quite often since that Thursday and wanted to share and discuss this with her husband among other things.  While deep in thought, Thep entered the house and kissed Como.

“Hello honey, I’m home.  “How was your day at work” asked Thep?  “Fine (responded Como) and as always I thought about you and our life in Ecuador quite a bit today.  I have some news I would like to share.  Thep, I believe that I am pregnant with our sixth child.”  Thep slowly sat down.  “Well, Como that is good news but do you feel you can work while you are pregnant.  I know you have not seen a doctor as of yet and I will talk to my confidante, Mr. Avester, about locating us a family doctor who also deals with female issues such as pregnancy.  Do not fret yourself.  You and I will handle this as we did all our pregnancies.  You know we do have five normal healthy smart children.  Now, I have a question or rather a favor to ask of you.  I want to attend this documentary on dinosaurs at my job.  It will be televised and I would like you and the children to come with me to participate in it.  There will be a question session at the end of documentary and I probably will ask a question or two.  Do you mind doing this with me as a family?”   Como responds, “I would love to Thep.  I know this is important to you.”  “Thanks honey.  Now I will eat and come to bed.  You can go ahead to bed now, if you like.  I will not keep you up any longer.  I know tomorrow is one of your busiest at-home days since you are off work.  Love you…”  “Love you to Thep,” said Como and she exited the room.


The documentary was very informative.  Thep enjoyed it, to him, it appeared that Como, and the children, even the youngest, Theo, did as well.  He asked questions that were quite interesting to Dr. Motif:  “Dr. Motif, do you feel that dinosaurs can re-evolve?”  “That is an interesting question.  “Why do you ask?”  “Well, I work here at the Institute as a caregiver of animals.  I moved here from Columbia.  When I was coming, I notice cracks in the earth and these cracks appeared to me as dinosaur bones.  Speaking Spanish I exclaimed to others: Veo los huesos de los dinosaurios (I see dinosaurs’ bones).  No one paid attention; therefore, I felt that I was the only one that could see the patterns of the dinosaurs’ bones in the facial seams of the earth.  From there, I felt an evolutionary existence trying to re-form.  Therefore, do you feel dinosaurs can re-evolve?”  Dr. Motif was silent for several seconds and then responded, “Let’s pray tell that they cannot.”

Thep and Como did not speak all the way home.  The children seem to be especially exhausted.  All went to sleep as soon as they were put to bed.  Thep and Como begin a discussion about the documentary once they were in bed.  Como asked Thep did he feel that what he saw in the dryness of the earth where really patterns of dinosaur’ bones now that he had watched the documentary.  Thep’s response was, “I feel that there is an evolutionary existence that exists within the facial seams of the earth, which means, I saw dinosaurs’ bones.”  Como seemed to understand and asked no more questions.


Dr. Edmund Fitzgerald Motif pondered for long time on Thep’s question of could dinosaurian re-evolve.  He drove home after the documentary and made mental note to somewhat get to know the person who worked for the Institute as a caregiver for animals.  He seem to have saw something mystical and if this person could remember the approximate location of the patterns of Dinosaurian’s bones he saw in the dryness of earth, he would have him to journey there with him to discover whether or not he saw the same.

The next morning came and Dr. Motif decided not to approach Thep.  He wanted to make it seem as coincidental and strike a conversation with Thep in regards to the documentary.  He will give a survey to Thep for feedback about the documentary and that is when he will ask about the approximated location of where he presumed he saw patterns of Dinosaurian’s bones in the dryness of the earth.  This would take place two weeks from today, which would be June 20, 2006, a Tuesday.


               Thep on the very same day contacted Mr. Avester about finding Como a female doctor.  He was very concern and wanted to fulfill this necessity immediately.  Mr. Avester did get back with Thep the same day to tell him that his assistant had made an appointment for Como in Guayaquil to see a female specialist whose name was Dane Valequez, MD.  He further stated to Thep that Dr. Valequez was the best female specialist in the area.  Como doctor visit was schedule for June 22, 2006, a Thursday, at 2:00 PM.

Como was ecstatic and happy that this appointment was schedule for her off day.  She did not expect to see a doctor so soon.  However, she did know that Mr. Avester had done this as a favor to Thep.  She appreciated his continuous help but subconsciously asked herself why Mr. Avester provides so much help to their family.  Once Como arrived at Dr. Valequez office for her appointment, he immediately had her nurse to give her a pregnancy test.  Approximately 10 minutes later, this test came back positive.  Dr. Valequez examined Como and told her she was in first trimester (0-12 weeks) of pregnancy.  She would say she was about 6 to 8 weeks pregnant.

On the way home Como felt utterly impatient to tell her husband the good news.  She wanted to discuss what he desired this child to be, a boy or girl.  Since Como and Thep already had three boys, she wanted another girl for the ideal even set.  Nevertheless, she knew it was too soon to tell and this was just a joyous discussion.  Dr. Valequez had discussed with her her previous pregnancies and she told her that she had normal pregnancies with abrupt deliveries in which her labor did not last more than an hour.  She further said that because of her and Thep’s age she might want to consider a more permanent form of contraceptive with further consideration being this would be her sixth child.

Thep made it home a little late that day and Como was really getting impatient when he walked into the house.  She ran to him and told him the good news immediately.  Thep quietly took a seat sitting Como on his lap kissing her passionately.  Once the passion of knowing that their sixth child was being created in Como, Thep and Como begin to discuss how this would affect their lives.  They found no difference in their family structure other than an added life to nurture and nourish.  They knew this would be done regardless of any financial disparities they may have now or later.


              Dr. Motif visited Thep as planned.  Thep did the survey and enjoyed talking to him.  However, Thep felt that Dr. Motif had visited him at the Institute for more than feedback from this survey.  At that moment, Dr. Motif approached Thep with his query:

“Mr. Suramerica, do you remember the exact location in Ecuador where you thought you seen dinosaurian bones” asked Dr. Motif.  Thep replied absent mindedly, “Yes, I believe I do.  Why do you ask?”  “Well, may I call you Thepodo,” asked Dr. Motif?  “Thep would be better,” responded Thepodo.  “Okay, Thep I have been studying the Dinosaurian Era for fifteen years now.  Hence, your question to me about the re-evolving of dinosaurian is very interesting.  Thus, I desire to see what you saw, if all possible.  Therefore, I will pay for the trip to that location, if you agree, as well as pay you for going there.  You will get your day of work pay as well.  Does this sound feasible?  Yes, yes… I will travel there with you (replied Thep).

The day schedule for the trip to the border between Ecuador and Columbia had come.  That morning Thep told Como he loved her and would be home in about three days.  Como and Thep had already discussed this trip prior to him going.  Como hoped that Thep, along with Dr. Motif, would see the dinosaur bones once again in the dryness of the earth.  As Thep left, she felt a certain gloom transcend over her.

Thep and Dr. Motif set out on their journey by Land Rover at about 10:00 am that morning.  They would camp out and walk some distance; the stretch of about 10 miles from the Ecuador border to 10 miles into Columbia to make sure they were near where Thep had seen the dinosaur bones.  They arrived at their location at 1:30 p.m., prepared their camping, and decided to start first thing tomorrow morning; leaving at sunrise.  Thep knew that this adventure would be educational as well as expeditious.  He was truly excited.  Dr. Motif seemed to be as well.  He constantly talked about his studies of the Dinosaurian Era.

The next morning at sunrise, they departed on foot.  They were about 8 miles when Thep expressed that this location is where he felt he saw the dinosaurian bones in the dryness of the earth.  Dr. Motif was skeptical.  He knew this area got a lot of moisture during the summer time, therefore, the earth was hardly dry during those months; however, there always was the possibility that this particular week there was no moisture in the air.  Thep walked a little further and exclaimed, “Veo los huesos de los dinosaurios” (I see dinosaur bones).  Dr. Motif rapidly moved beside him and said nothing.  He looked and looked and saw nothing.  Three minutes later Thep said more calmly the same and pointed as well.  Dr. Motif viewed where Thep pointed closely and said, “I believe dinosaurian listen and the surreal artifacts you see is their presence amongst us.  I do see an unusual pattern in the dryness of the earth.  This may be Dinosaurian motif .  More research must be done.  Thanks Thep for coming with me.  I will take pictures for further research.  Once done, we will depart and return home.”

Thep felt relieved that someone else had seen something in the dryness of the earth and knew that Como would be ecstatic as well.  He further knew that Dr. Motif was trying to derive whether dinosaurian bones can be encaustic extracted.


              Como was constantly ill with morning sickness and now she was in her 6th month of pregnancy.  Thep was sort of worried because his wife had not been this sick with her other pregnancies; however, he made a mental note to himself that this pregnancy was so different because she was pregnant with triplets.  Therefore, he felt she just should be more conscientious of her growing body and maybe take off work sooner than planned.  He promised himself he would discuss this with Como.

Como was off work today and Thep did discuss this with her.  Nevertheless, she felt she could work until she reached her 7th month of pregnancy as Dr. Valequez stated.  Right at that particular moment, Como experienced a sharp pain in her left side.  Thep insisted that she should telephone Dr. Valequez.  She did and Dr. Valequez requested that she come to his office immediately.  He examined Como and found that one of the triplets was in an awkward position because of her over activity.  Dr. Valequez therefore mandated that she had to discontinue her work at the nursery immediately until six weeks after the birth of her triplets.  Thep was relieved because he had seen signs of strain in Como face without her awareness and knew it was because she needed to stop working.  Work was just too much for her while she was carrying their triplets.  Como followed Dr. Valequez orders and discontinued work immediately.

Three months later on February 29, 2007, Como gave birth to three identical male triplets.   Their names were, Felixander De Suramerica, Alexander De Suramerica, and Nathaniel De Suramerica.  All named by Thep.

Chapter III

            On January 11, 2009, Como and Thep Suramerica renewed their wedding vows.  They had been married on this day fifteen years ago.  Their oldest child was fifteen years of age and their youngest were three.  They had made numerous friends in Guayaquil; therefore, became more satisfied with life.  Thep had gotten three promotions since he was hired at the Institute in May of 2004 and now he was one of the department heads of “Animal Care.”  His confidante, Mr. Avester, had become more open over years and Thep even learned his trade of being a negotiator to migrants from Colombia.  He found Mr. Avester to be a very different sort of human being, as if he was a surrealist but also realistic.  He had spoken of this to his wife, Como, on several occasions and she agreed as well.

Two weeks later Mr. Avester called Thep with a proposition that would change his life.  The proposition was to leave his job at the Institute and take over his confidante business since Mr. Avester was proclaiming Thep the inheritance.  Thep replied by stating to Mr. Avester that he would more than welcome his inheritance but preferred to keep his assignment at the Institute and wondered why he had chosen him.  Thep knew Mr. Avester had a nephew who lived in the United States.  His confidante responded: “That is my sister child Thep and she has her own inheritance to leave to Dirt.  I do not have any children of my own and Thep, you are like a son to me.  I want you to have my business.  I have other inheritance to leave to my nephew, Dirt.”  Thep responded by saying he accept and both disconnect with the intent to meet by the end of the week.  Today was Tuesday.


          Mr. Avester died on August 13, 2009.  He was buried in Ecuador.  Thep saw dinosaur bones within his body structure and as an omen did not respond to this insight.

Thep, at forty-five, had gained a lot of wisdom, however, an omen is something to come.  He knew that something was about to manifest in the Ecuadorian region but he did not know what or how soon.  Dr. Motif and Thep had grown close and fifteen years had passed since the Institute had begun its study on the Dinosaurian Era.  Hence, Thep and Dr. Motif visit the location of where dinosaur bones were seen by both.  An encaustic removal was done; however, did not reform what had been seen Thep.  Why Thep did not reveal what he had saw in his confidante remains beyond insight.  However, it was mandated that he did reveal this to Dr. Motif because of what Dr. Motif knew secretly and what an omen meant.

New friends were about to come into Thep and Como lives.  Their children would become friends with this couples children, changing their environments immensely.  Historia was in the 10th grade now and she had aspirations on becoming a nurse.  Explosian was in the 9th grade and all his contentions were to be an engineer.  Se Desorolla was eleven years old and growing beautifully.  Como and Thep figure she would more than likely be a tall girl.  El Mismo was nine years of age and quite a runner.  He was very athletic and loved sports.  Theopodo as an adolescent had begun to explore and many times Thep would have to make him come in the house.  He was seven now.  The triplets were still toddlers and very energetic.

Summer time was a gorgeous time in the Suramerica household.  Their newfound friends and neighbor, Elcardo and Rosa Maravilloso, who were 45 and 36 years old, respectively and their children – Cedro (a boy 16 years of age ); Chandra (a girl 16 years of age and fraternal twin to Cedro); Constance (a girl 14 years of age); Cristobalia (a girl 13 years of age); Cristofer ( a boy 10 years of age); Cornelius (a girl and 8 years of age); Cortez (a boy and 5 years of age); and Christian (a boy 3 years of age) – provided more family oriented activities for the Suramericas because they tend to have all their family gatherings together when extended family was not present for any given holiday and/or special occasion they desired.  The Suramericas had long ago disconnected with any extended family they had left behind in Columbia.  This was not the case for the Maravillosos.  They extended family (i.e., mother; father; grandparents; cousins; nieces; and nephews) tend to visit every now and then.

The 9th of October (Independence Day) was near and the Suramerica’s had plans to attend the festival given each year by the City of Guayaquil.  Thep was discussing with Como their itinerary for the upcoming event. “Como, darling, we have a lot of activities here.  Do you think this may over exhaust the triplets?”  “No Thep, those activities are for our older children.  The twins will be with me during the entire festival.  I have written a light itinerary for us.  I figure you may want to do some of those with the children and I will do some as well.  Therefore, if you want, we can change groups here and there. “Looking good Como… Thanks for the clarity.”  Thep then went into the other room to talk to Historia, Se Desorolla, Explosian, and El Mismo about the itinerary and how all family members would complete it.  Theopodo was sleep during the discussion but Thep made a mental note to discuss the same with him once he awakens.

The 9th of October came and all were excited.  The day was full of family fulfillment; however, Theo was injured on one of the carnival rides.  He fell off one breaking his leg and fracturing his ribs in four places.  He dislocated his shoulder, which was put back in placed by the carnival paramedics on site.  He was immediately taken to Guayaquil General Hospital, admitted, and treated for his injuries.  Como and Thep was ecstatic.  The ride Theo was on malfunction.  His siblings was on the same ride but they were two seats apart each.  The ride broke a loose where Theo was sitting.  At the time, Como was with the triplets during one of the activities available for small children when she heard all of the commotion nearby.  She was close enough to see that it was her child who had been injured and Thep was right there at scene immediately when it happen.  The promoters of the carnival had them to sign papers so they would pay for all of Theo injuries as well and gave them a number to call to discuss further settlement options.  Theo was hospitalized for 5 days and would be temporarily disabled for about 90 days/ 3 months, which would cause the Suramerica’s mental stressors that would have not had to be addressed if this had not happen.


Theo was hospitalized for ten days.  When released, he told his parents he was happy to be going home.   On the way home, Thep notice a movement of some sort in the woods nearby, however, he absentmindedly ignored it.  This single-mindedness went on for several weeks until something terrible happen to the Maravilloso family on their returning home from a family trip…