I know it is not ‘nothing’ but white men in Ireland and the few niggers (on the up and up) that come from Scotland to party in those Pubs. My ancestors on my great great great grandmother side were from the immigrant Irish clan; therefore, Haley, Creek Indian, married a white man.
She had Cherokee and Blackhawk blood to. Her family flourished in lineage and the skin comes in all colors. Note this! We are called the colored Sexton’s because Haley’s great granddaughter married a Guinea. The story became we are the colors of the United States of America. O’ jealousy manifested and now, I am the structure of the colored Sextons! Our story will be told. Therefore, our belief and faith is transcendent via the Holy Scripture,

In God We Trust!

Achilles vs. Hector

A quest for power is a quest of faith.

The mythology states rank is gave.

An empty mind lacks the ability to form hate.

Insofar, what is the maxima that sake?

The drink of the Greek and Roman gods, nectar

Cause a religious uproar, wretchedness

A Trojan prince and warrior killed by Achilles, Hector

The impression made, etchings

Just paint a tale of two countries.

In mentality, one devises a plan.

War fulfills with strategy and plumbs.

An army cannot campaign with only one man.

So greatness, erected

A Trojan champion, slain

Hector falls, dejected

Mythological stated to be, intimidated

Strategy in war is to dishearten.

To achieve disparage, he was killed.

The Trojan War illustriously removes rank and smarts.

Hector was Trojan prince and the greatest warrior ever lived.

Greek is the mythology.

The Trojans is battle.

In the Trojan War, Achilles took Hector life and his part.

The significant maxim is righteousness was won.



She is musing…
Black is a deep color.
It shines when you drink red wine.
It glows with your diamonds.
It can reveal or conceal.
So daring why not wear it!
I like black with any other color to promote my essence.
It forms energy and strength.
Mental subsistence it can bring.
Mind is evolving and singing.

The shoes with this black maxi must be bronze or newly brought.
My hair will drape my bust.
The face is glamorously made.
The hair lays in its place.
Hoop earrings are high and low accessorizing the night with my smile aglow.
The shoulders of this black maxi sparkle in the light.
So informal I am dressed.
My spirit seems to be uplifting.

Now, she is concentrating…
My black maxi hangs in the closet brand new.
I will wear it one day and that is for sure.
Penned on May 19, 2014!



My children be over my sister house.
Oland got scratched by his cousin with a twig in my mother’s front yard.
My children are grown now.
Why is it study going on y’all?
The illegality of removing my children from my custody is a baseball foul.
Carrie told Queen that the children were in the front yard playing.
Tony came prior with Queen.

This social worker said she gave me my first warning.
Why did you go that far?
A parent course is for a child abuser.
I am not one.
I am in something I don’t know of?
I rather my children to be with their father!

Cleaning house to leave, Queen knew of my decision.
“We are moving to Detroit, Michigan,” I said.
She stated my children were to be remove temporarily.
This became unreal.

I am in something I don’t know of?
I rather my children to be with their father!

Child support was not being received because Tony was not paying the bill.
I am left along by knowing I lack communicative skills.
The government is the State.
They negated my family livelihood.

Their feeble mindedness means is destroying a country of fools.
Today I am not along.
I am afire through my belief in the omnipotent.
Unknown to humankind is a greater resolve for their transgressions.

I took my burdens to the Lord and left the wrongdoers –
For God so gave his only begotten son for the world would know that life on Earth is of a greater determination.

Strength Empowers!


Penned on May 18, 2018!


Walking Cradles

Underpinnings are cushions of support.

We exacerbate to defeat negative thoughts.

We want success because this soothes our words.

Impaired from those that know how to hinder when moving forward, is a liaison to destroy.

A philosophical standard is not atypical.

This provides acumen and vision.

A walking cradle

A scaffold

Just support

A platform to stand on is that designed to level up.

Your thinking encounters more knowledge.

Edifice so large, that organization is a network.

Associate positive environment.

Correlate your roller deck.

Connect your mind to solidarity.

A walking cradle

Your framework

Empowered to join in a cause

The structure is in order to induce the luring of optimistic tools.

To progress, becomes categorical.

Firm uncompromising unconditional

Absolute your milieu unlimitedly,

Cultivate your own means.

Flourish breed

A walking cradle

A new school