Southeastern United States

Southeastern United States





At the dawn of the mound builders rostrums the knowledge of origin and past.

16th century North America was just being discovered by Europeans.

Spanish conquistadors venture forth.

Coastal Georgia had arouse great civilization 4,000 years before.

Searching for wealth of a continent, Spanish trekked around the Florida peninsula into the islands of coastal Georgia.

The southeastern region of the United States were Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw played.

The time of mound builders has been unassimilated.

Before the naked eyes, remnants of tribes illuminates cultural stasis.

                In relation to the Creek Tribe, this conveyed interconnectivity.

English traders established their prosperity.

Southeastern United States at first contact

Brought forth four distinct tribes.

Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek were the confederacy seen.

Commonwealth and centered on village life found the nucleus of the Creek confederacy as the Muskogee Creek tribe.

A trade language form as an addition to the tribes’ native tongue.

Choctaw and Chickasaw blended as one.

War and peace is Cherokee.

Southeastern United States boundaries during the 1600s to 1783.

Ruth Ginsberg

Ruth Ginsberg

She the Ruth to all evils.

As a family f*c*e*, she is with Alfred Ginsberg.

Her evolutionary life spellbound.

Her realm as the howl that is heard by the world.

Her name is Ruth Ginsberg.

She the Ruth of her faith

As an old dead bitch one day,

She will re-evolve as a land mammal on all fours.

This is her evolutionary world.

Howl Ruth Ginsberg.

Supreme in form she wears the gown.

Dictator in her afterlife

With brother now.

Bound to the world they formed

Somewhere in Jerusalem

All in the name of love!



We are cool.
We sweat.
We shoot.
We hit.
This is our game we play.
Yes, we are the American way.

We are fame.
We are the success.
We compete.
We project.
This is the game we play.
Basketball (W)NBA!

We thrive.
We catch.
We strategize.
We depict.
This is our game we play.
We are the American way.

We compete.
We project.
We are fame.
We are the success.
Football NFL!

A sure thing we have.

We the thrill.
We the joy.
We are the players.
We are the sport.
This is the game we play.
Yes, we are the American way.

We are skilled with our toys.
We compete.
We score.
We are hyperactivity.
We are the National Hockey League!

We are the team.
We are the competitors.
We are the wow.
We the game all love.
This is our pastime and sport.
Yes, we are the universal recreation.

We are competitive.
We are the babes.
We are ready to win the game.
We compete to excel.
Baseball Major League!

A sure thing we have!

Unity Stated – team sportget involve!
Penned June 16, 2015!



This is a fucked-upped world that I live in.

The streets are filled with thugs that want to run games.

Just yesterday I was approach about buying a mink coat.

This person said that I know you are a classy lady.

You would love to be stepping out in a mink.

However, you can’t afford one.

Lucky, you are to be?

This coat is on sale for two-fifty.

I paid a grand.

This is your time to be (your) everything.

I know this was a gangster.

I told her thank you, but this coat may be hot.

She went off.

I told her to shelve it up her ass, insofar as

I am not to be had.

This fucked-upped world I live in brings forth insanity.

Last year it was a beautiful day in the hood.

I went stepping out to enjoy the scenic view.

Walking to the park, I saw many inconsistencies.

One was a man that was not playing his part in society wanting to get with me.

He was all vulgar and inebriated.

I felt no fear when I said you aren’t my type.

I like a brother that knows what life is all about.

It is not becoming addicted to the good life.

This fucked-upped world I live in makes me true to my life poetry.

I’ll sing a jingle and make a soul.

This is because in a war zone is where I write my songs about the troubles of the world.

I want to feel your soul.

I want you to enjoy my rock-n-roll.



Look out life’s window,

Try to find out why you are so sad and down.

Don’t blame the Lord for struggles.

Know strife in life is there.

If you do not live a meaningful existence, life would have no meaning.

So maybe you have stretched to the limit but never give-up.

Stand as a pillar because of your self-worth.

To those that suggest a difference, state my earthly work magnifies who I am.

Justifying subsistence, affluence is only a gen.

The knowledge this provides is of a greater acumen.

May I say that living is first an utmost privileged circumstance!

The Lord is keeper and to him you give honor and respect.

In this solitary world, we seek companionship.

We go through situations in our relationships and may lose focus.

However, the Lord is there for us in our time of discontent.

Regime is formed and we mindset.

Our spirits are inner cored for fulfillment.

There is no greater cohort than the Lord’s intellect.

I know because this mountain I continue to peak.

Without question, I am profound in my belief.

That the Lord is the keeper of my faith and mankind is the persuader of a different way.

In joy, I laugh aloud.

I am not blind to the lies of mankind.

My footsteps are admin to the all-powerful.

This day is given by The Almighty God.

Hallelujah Amen!




Don’t you know there are still poets in the world?
Not just rap artists depicting thugs…
Transmogrifying words to personifications universal
Metaphorical thinkers
A simile creator
Are poets of today.

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Is it alright to inform you that life is a sweet victory?
Is it alright to advise you to look at the world as such?
Is it a prognosis that of nadirs?
Is it okay to tell you that insight comes through life experiences?
Is it all right to motivate you?
Is it all right to send inspiring words?
I am just here to empower.
You are in the bottom of pits.
To self-esteem from the lowest level,
Is essence found through a depressive state.
I know because I been to this country.
The people in my surrounding meant not a thing.
My depression desired surrender.
I feel that yours is the same melancholy.
Therefore, hoist is this verse.
I commend you on how you are facing your demons to find a greater source.
To know struggle and to know strife, both take a position in the fight.
To apprise the spirit, you must have a defined path.
Thorough is your journey centralized by understanding.
Enlighten by the occurrences you confront, you are the strength to your home front.
The prognosis of nadirs is things must become better.
Your mental capacity states you know-how to express yourself.
The glass ceiling is right above your head.
Aspire for the inconceivable through the knowledge of what is incorrect.
Life is not a bowl of cherries.
Good things are said to come to those who wait.
There is no need for procrastination.
Life is there to create.
Of course, you are to gain.
As a woman, you reign.