Why I Am ME

I am me because a change in personality would cause a disturbance.
I am me to conquer the universe.
The world is in turmoil but happiness is for us to ignite.
I did not chose a simple life.

The creatures of the earth are not at all salient.
The noise that forms states violence.
We are not those creatures.
We are people individually set and expressive.
We live as a brittle branch ready to break in the storm.
Never do we fail to overcome when life before us touches our arms with a rub.

Walk up right not on all fours.
Your back is strong.
You know the world can be cruel.
Don’t deny that times are hard.
Know with a rightful mind you will be justly rewarded.

Why am I ME?
Because I refuse to be you.
Not stating that similarity cannot exist.
I am just ME in any relationship even when I lack what you have.

In all said, I am integrity and self-esteem.
Let us embrace as women in solidarity.

The creatures of earth are not at all silent.