“The Undiscovered Self”

Enantiodromia was coined by Jung.
It dimed and penned opposite words.
It gave you a worldview greater than others.
Antiodromia was in.
Synonymous, it has none.
Anonymity is known.
The undiscovered self is circumscribed.
To restrict, you hide from the truth or a lie.
You have cultivated and nurtured your mind.
You found who you are in no time.
Generations have come and gone.
You have enjoyed life and grown old.
What regrets, you ask self, do you have?
You smile and sigh to say “Oh well.”



Premonition symbolically is given via sign.
Dreamlike we trance tracing our feet steps otherworldly.
Not a life do we have to misstep.
Can we decipher where we are?

We are caught in life’s aspects.
In time, do we discern the daydream?
Whatever that we ponder on we must consider our own way.
The path we intended to take was discouraged.
Muses sing above our heads.
There is a boy standing afar and the little girl cries for her father to put her in bed.
This day has happen before.
Our endings are always in the same state.
Luck has told us this will change one day then lighting strikes.
The sky ignites.
The night is illuminated.
Powerful is the mind and those that daydream has integrated with night.
Sleep is induced.
The mares are stalled.
By midnight, there are no sounds at all.
This was not an easy diurnal.
Many recurring thoughts we had and, in all, the circadian lack transgression.
Why, we wondered.

Thunder startles us from our slumber.
Forty winks and now it is morning.
Captured is daytime; therefore, we knew the road we would take.
Dually diagnosed are we and if we made mistakes, we reflect.
This ensues us to greater success.


Must I be strong when you are weak?

If I am not, does this justify your beatings?

It would seem that the clouds would recede.

A smile upon my face all would see.

Volatile I deny.

The antagonistic world is outside.

In a world of iniquity, you are fighting self; therefore, no anti-emotions I let possess.

I just have to take good care of self and I shall receive the victory.

Note my mind is.

Notice my body is not.

Not you nor me can love any harder.

No, I want space.

Know I want you out of my face.

Love, Peace, and Harmony

Discrepancy is an economic thing.

Have you ever known this to be anything else?

Money is the great separator of togetherness.

Man rob, steal, and kill just for the feel of its illicit presence.

Woman will sell ass, which defines prostitution; steal from you, and lie on thy neighbor for just a little wealth.

These concepts are aspects of someone’s life.

Crime becomes escalated and mental health becomes the strife.

The minister said with his black ass, “There has to be a better way.”

However, there is no reason for this other than greed and/or the lack of fulfillment.

As a poet and philosopher, I respond, “We have to help everyone to overcome poverty.”

The media and academia went on “The Tour on Poverty.”

When they reported out, they show how the Great Depression of 2008-2009 had effected the workforce and the home front.

Why are we not upset to see people living in poverty?

Academia stayed east and this made it seem that north, south, and west were the greatest downward spiral.

Therefore, I present to you The School of Social Theology.

The School of Social Theology is a new school of thought that states poverty is melodramatic to us not being there for our family and what friends we are.

We live well but we do not offer the same to all.

The School of Social Theology seeks eradication of social injustice to state poverty must end.

[If you are working to end social injustice, today will not be the same as tomorrow]…


Three counties we are.

A state of friends in need manned by necessities of our own health, to overcome negativity, we must not lack confidence.

No genocide as stated in the New Deal.

Outside homeless lives.

When lives are in trouble, why do we falter?

We are the strength that tomorrow gleams within.

Our togetherness is the only way to win.

Let us embrace.

Let us unite.

Obstacles are stumbling blocks, as a road to cross, bridging a path is the consensus we speak on…

We are on common ground.

Upward is now.

Whether rich or enriched, we have success within in our grasps – an enhancement.

Inner the circle of life and believe that all things are possible.

Hoop Hoop Hooray!

A New School of Thought

The prolog said, “Oblivion Dark Sunshine is a diverse poet. Everyone needs to know her.”

In details, it defined and refined this philosopher’s credentials.

The qualifier was that she expressed herself clearly and concisely.

The identifier has been stated.

In poetic verse, Dark Sunshine responds.


The foundation of poetry is the framework of something more definite.

My dance with the Devil started in the Mississippi Delta.

There a godly stance taught me good evil and that is when I knew destiny.

My fate bought me four children.

Two boys and Two girls

Emily is my youngest daughter.

Melissa life is immortal.

Nine years had passed since my last poem.

This was written for someone’s birthday.

Today has implementation to many stories.

That is why I am a Life Poet.

Let me explain what a Life Poet is.

It is one that takes the little, the big, and the important incidents therapeutically.

Insight to what is wrong unwrapping what is right.

Removing hurdles is as easy as ever.

This is because of a rightful mind and a just heart.

Social Theology is at the stage of development.

The meeting of the minds will be done.

As a Life Poet, I have broaden horizons.

My goal of implementation is 2018.

In four years, I will have done many good deeds.

This is a new beginning.


The Statute of Liberty stands for liberation.

Does this not?

The Empire State Building represents beautiful architect.

Just not a New Yorker but I know I am correct.

In Michigan, there is Coleman Young Municipal Building with a pillar of strength sitting as statue to image.

In Colorado, there are boulders and cliffs, beauty done by God’s landscape!

In Florida, coming from Mississippi, you cross the Atlantic.

Visual and majestic, Breath…

I am a native Mississippian to the U.S.A.

Rurality is a better scenic view of today.

We know we have constructed picturistically.

Just ride through the country and feel more of that history.